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INSTAGRAM Stories NO SOUND ON iPhone – iOS 15 – How to solve

stories sem som instagram do iphone
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Recently, the iPhone updated the iOS version to its version 15, which came full of news, but it didn't just come with the news, it came with an extremely annoying bug that is the lack of sound in Instagram stories, so we're going to show you how solve this annoying problem. 

INSTAGRAM Stories NO SOUND ON iPhone how to solve?

Have you tried leaving instagram and opening it again, turning up the volume and nothing worked, right? The problem is very simple to solve and there are two ways to make the stories have sound again, the steps are below:

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  1. disable silent mode

Yes that's right, you know the little button next to the cell phone that activates and deactivates silent mode? Just change the position of the button to sound mode and unmute and the stories will automatically have sound again.

2. Open some instagram video before viewing stories

The other method is to scroll the feed until you find a video, then open the video and click on its sound icon, and then you will be able to see the stories quietly with sound.

If you have any questions, watch the video below to solve the problems:

Did it solve your problems? Tell us if the stories without sound have sound again after these methods.

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