How to update Android to the latest version

Atualizar android para android nougat 7.0

There are a multitude of devices with the Android platform, the problem is that practically most of these devices are stuck in time on obsolete versions of Android.

What many are not aware of, is the possibility of being able to update these cell phones and install a newer version like 7.0 – 7.1 Nougat, using a rom called lineageos that has no difficulties in being installed, and is super stable, often surpassing even the Standard Android.

How to update Android to the latest version?

To be able to install the latest Android, it is first necessary to have a Custom Recovery on your Smartphone, you don't know what custom recovery is, we'll explain. Every standard cell phone has the option of a recovery, but it is the default one coming on the cell phone and has the options to give Hard Reset, install updates manually, among others, when you install Custom Recovery it allows you a multitude of functions, one of them is installing roms.

Well, if you don't have a custom recovery, just search the internet: “how to install custom recovery 'Model of your cell phone'” and you will find several tutorials. Once you have the recovery installed, just follow the next steps below:

  1. Enter the cyanogenmod website and select your device, then download the latest version of the rom, to find your device, there is a bar on the left side with the names of the Smartphones, just search for yours and click, then download the latest version recent. Access the website: LineageOs
    (If you can't find it on the official website, just type in google for example "Lineageos J7", instead of j7 put your cell phone name, and then you will find the roms as unofficial to download, most are usually on the xda forum) .
  2. The next step is to download the google applications, which have to be downloaded in zip format, to be installed by recovery right after the rom has been installed, for that just access the OpenGapps website, and select the platform that in this case would be: ARM – Cell Phones 32 Bits, ARM 64 – Cell Phones 64 Bits, X86 – Intel processors. Also select the Android version, and select the type of GApps, which in this case the first ones are the ones that come with more applications and as they go down they contain fewer applications, it is recommended to download nano, but if you want you can download the Full that comes several Google apps in addition to Essentials. Access the website: OPENGAPS DOWNLOAD
  3. Once you have downloaded the two files, you will move the files to the root of your mobile with a usb cable
  4. After that, just enter recovery mode, and wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data
  5. Then go to Install, and select your room and install, after that go to Install again and select the GApps and install
  6. Then just restart the phone
  7. And now just enjoy your Android 7.1, sometimes the first Bot can take a while, so don't despair!

If you want to see more detailed how to do the process watch the video below:


Gapps – OpenGApps

Latest Android – LineageOS 


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