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Como juntar vários PDF em um só sem limites

como juntar pdf
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When it comes to PDF, sometimes several problems arise, how to edit, add or modify any part of it as most tools are paid, so today we are going to show you how to join several pdfs into a single file being functional on mobile or computer making life much easier for students and those who need to modify pdfs.

How to merge several PDFs into one?

Como juntar vários arquivos PDF em um só é bem simples, você só vai precisar reunir os documentos pdf que pretende juntar, e acessar o site para realizar o processo, atualmente apenas o iLovePDF é sem limites de uso, o smallpdf agora conta com limite!
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Check out the step-by-step process below. how to merge pdf files:

  1. Look for the 'Merge PDF' option on the chosen site;
  2. Then choose the file and so on with all the pdfs you want to join;
  3. After that, just finish and the download option will appear;
  4. And ready your pdf was joined in a very simple way.

How to merge PDF files into one on mobile

To carry out the process on mobile, both on iPhone and Android, the process is the same as above, there is no difference, just select the files you want to merge and then finish editing and downloading the modified file.

Still have doubts? Watch the video below:

Sites to merge PDF files

iLovePDF – Access here

SmallPdf agora tem limites, então não utilize ele, utilize o ilovepdf

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