How to play Free Fire and Pubg with mobile controller (GamePad)

como configurar controle para free fire

The new fever of the moment is the battle royale style games, and cell phones were not out of this fashion, Free Fire and Pubg became true phenomena attracting even those who didn't like games.

We know that mobile gameplay is not very easy, and as an alternative there are controls (GamePad) or joystick, as you prefer to call them, the purpose of this post is exactly to show how easy it is to configure these controls to be able to play these types of games.

How to play Free Fire and Pubg with mobile controller?

To do this process, you will first need a control, of course, that connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth, and then you will need to download the application that is at the end of this publication, called octopus.

Tendo baixado esse aplicativo, qualquer jogo que você queira jogar com o gamepad, terá que acessar por ele, após selecionar o jogo dentro do aplicativo Octopus, ele irá abrir e você vai ver que na tela existe uma série de bolinhas com letras dentro, essas bolinhas funciona como botões, onde elas estão elas clicam, por exemplo: Uma bolinha está em cima do botão de atirar no Free Fire, o comando que está dentro dessa bolinha irá ser o que irá faze-lo funcionar, pra determinar qual botão do controle irá funcionar naquela bolinha, basta clicar no polvo azul, e você já vai poder configurar todos os comandos.


To understand better, I recommend watching the video below:


Octopus is an auxiliary tool and external gaming equipment on mobile equipment developed and designed by the company Chaozuo Tecnología.

Peripheral operations can be assigned to touch screen operations without activation. 【Peripheral Equipment Support】 Octopus supports a variety of peripheral equipment: game folder, keyboard, mouse.

【Set Key Preset】 Octopus has pre-set different key positions for 30+ popular mobile games, eliminating the need to configure keys.

【Key Position Cloud Sync】 Log in to Octopus account which can automatically sync the configured game key positions, delete the game or replace the device without losing the configuration.

【One app to get it all】 After connecting peripherals, enter Octopus to start the game, without auxiliary tools like activators. Custom key assignment configuration support, support to configure cloud sync.

Disponível no Google Play

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