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Pamu Quiet Mini – Cheap active noise canceling headset

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You may not have heard of the Pamu brand before. It is a new company that focuses on affordable performance headphones with good design for the global market. And the first thing that attracts you about the Pamu Quiet Mini is its design.

Pamu Quiet Mini headphones review: Design

pamu quiet mini

To be honest, with so many brands focused on bringing alternatives to airpods from Apple, it's hard to differentiate between their products and Apple's headphones. So we're happy to have found Pamu, a brand that isn't simply copying Apple's design when it comes to wireless headphones.

So, let's start with your design. Looking at the Pamu Quiet, it's pretty clear that the range focuses on delivering good active noise-cancelling performance with an identifiable design.

The charging case is a little bigger than other headphones on the market, but luckily it has good build quality with excellent weight control. In fact, the charging case isn't as ingenious as what we have for the standard version of the Pamu Quiet, but surprisingly, the mini has reserved almost all the essential features of the standard version of the Quiet, and has even upgraded it with Bluetooth 5.2 connection and separate connection by headphone.

Returning to the charging case, as soon as we remove the buttons we can see that the mini also comes with an in-ear design, much like its competitors on the market. Each button only weighs about 5g, which is barely noticeable when you use them even for a long period of time. In addition to the standard size, Pamu offers 2 more sizes for the tips of the ears. So, once you choose the correct tip size, the headphones will fit snugly in your ears and ensure passive noise blocking. Another nice detail is that the headphones support IPX4 rated waterproofing, the same as the AirPods Pro. So using it for a sweaty workout or on a rainy day is pretty safe.

As for the sound quality, the Quiet Mini offers excellent sound output. Each mini headphone features a 10mm dynamic unit driver for increased bass depth and uses the Agile Pen Titanium composite diaphragm for good ductility. And, in theory, metallic titanium is also capable of producing better sound quality at higher frequencies.

Pamu Quiet Mini Headphones Review: Sound Quality and Performance

Well, the bass is the most impressive sounding part of the Quiet Mini, which is one of the richest, deepest bass we've ever heard from wireless headphones. However, the high frequencies are a little weaker than its low end performance. The knobs still surprised us with a good dynamic response and clear gradation over a wide frequency range. So generally it hits a bright, balanced vibe with a good performance of the instruments, but it might not be as pleasant when you focus on the vocals, especially when it comes to a high-pitched female voice. However, we felt the rich bass exceeded our expectations and this also set the bar for the high frequencies. Overall, I still really like the Quiet Mini's sound quality.

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Another feature that impressed us was the noise cancellation. To be honest, we don't know how cheap wireless headphones can have such a good noise canceling effect. Previously, good active noise cancellation was only available on high-end headphones, which cost upwards of $150. However, the Pamu Quiet Mini packs good noise canceling for only around $60-70, which is amazing. Pamu claims the mini reduces noise by up to 40dB, which is almost the best figure on paper for most ANC wireless headphones. In real tests, the Quiet Mini was able to handle a wide range of frequencies in the most noisy scenarios. Upon comparison, the noiseless sounds processed by the Quiet Mini are very close to what we got from the AirPods Pro. Realizing that the AirPods Pro was much more expensive than the Quiet Mini,

Meanwhile, Pamu Quiet Mini supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection, which allows the headphones to deliver sounds with extremely low latency. In actual use, the sound latency was almost imperceptible to us. In addition, Pamu offers a game mode option in its official app, which allows gamers to enjoy immersive gaming sound with a stable connection and extremely low latency. But in game mode, the sound quality may be affected.

The official app is very easy to operate with a very simple interface. You can customize all button operations in the app and get more information about the headphones.

Another useful feature is Dual Master technology. Each button on the Quiet Mini has independent connectivity and can be used separately, which means each headset can be connected to two different devices for dual-channel streaming. So if you had trouble switching sounds between two devices, this will definitely save you a lot of trouble, as it did for me.

Pamu Quiet Mini headphones review: Battery life

compared to Quiet standard version, the Mini also brings better battery performance. Mini's playtime can last around 5 hours. And the charging case provides 3 additional full charges for the earphones. In addition to wired charging, the case also supports Qi-certified wireless charging, which is not common for low-end wireless earbuds.

So that's all about the newest Pamu Quiet Mini headphones. The Quiet Mini is an impressive option with excellent value, especially considering the price and performance it offers.


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