Protect your cell phone from theft – Prevent your cell phone from being turned off

Evite que seu celular seja desligado

Well Smartphones have been growing a lot in recent years, and in Brazil with the high crime rate it is normal for many cell phones to be stolen, when this happens the first thing the thief does is turn off the device and try to format it, but what about if there was no way to turn off the cell phone? In this post you will find out how.

Prevent your cell phone from being turned off

Well to avoid such a task you will need the application called Smart Lockscreen Protector, which is available at the end of this post for download.

To use the application is very simple, just enter and activate and do nothing else, then just lock the phone and try to make the shutdown menu appear, and it will not appear at all.

On some cell phones, if you press and hold the off button for a while, the cell phone ends up restarting and the application does not start automatically, to have this function you have to buy the premium one, so the free application is a temporary precautionary measure , in case you get robbed you have to be quick to track your device.


Smart Lockscreen Portector

Smart Lockscreen

Ram cleaners should delete my app The first app to fix a security flag of your android, prevent unwanted users from turning off, muting or setting plane the device when they are on lockscreen and bypassing the code.
* This app will not lock for long press the power button (10 seconds) since its hardware related. *
“Ideal to avoid turning off your device in your pocket”
* This app can lock status bar (it may not work on all devices) only on lockscreen
* Battery Friend
* Small and compact
* Useful for security apps like Cerberus or finding your phone from Google, you don't want people to be able to turn off your device so easily

This App may work or may not work (working on 90% of the devices including lollipop and marshmallow), if the app not its work try to modify the delay time,

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