The best alarm clock for Android – Shake it Alarm

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Are you one of those that the alarm clock rings a thousand times, sometimes you don't even hear it, or even turn it off and go back to sleep? If so, there is an alarm clock for Android that will stop you from doing that and wake you up for good!

The best alarm clock for Android

The alarm clock is Shake it Alarm available at the end of the post for download, it is apparently a normal alarm clock, but the difference is in how you make it stop ringing.


To stop playing there are two methods, shaking and touching the screen, it seems to be easy right? But it's like those stressful games that make you lose your mind, there's a little bar that appears on the screen, and you have to shake or tap the screen really fast until that little bar reaches the end, if you start going slowly or let go of it back to the beginning!

A real challenge isn't it? Below is a video showing some of this alarm clock:

Shake it Alarm

Google Play


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