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How to block unwanted telemarketing calls – 0303

Como BLOQUEAR CHAMADAS indesejadas de Telemarketing - iPhone e Android
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We constantly receive calls from telemarketing and are often unwanted calls, but now with the creation of the 0303 prefix to identify these calls, it has become easier to block these calls, and to perform this procedure is very simple.

How to block unwanted telemarketing calls – prefix 0303

To perform the procedure you need to use an application called TrueCaller which is available for both Android and iPhone, but the option to block prefixes is only available on Android, but don't worry, there's another option to use on iPhone.

After downloading the app truecaller (available at the end of this post) follow the steps below:

  1. Open the application and give the requested permissions;
  2. Enter your phone number;
  3. Then create your account with name and email;
  4. You will be asked to make the phone default app truecaller, set it as default to work properly;
  5. After that, access the application menu in the upper left corner, go to settings;
  6. Then access the blocking option and search for 'number series';
  7. Select the option 'Numbers starting with', enter the prefix 0303 and click block;
  8. Ready now all telemarketing calls with that prefix will be automatically rejected.

Do you still have doubts? Watch the video below:

Truecaller app:

Disponível no Google Play

How to block unwanted telemarketing calls on iPhone?

On iPhone, the only alternative for now is to register your number on the service Do not disturb me from anatel, which when registering informs companies that they should not call, has been working very well, so we recommend even those who have android register.

Access do not disturb me

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