Privacy Policy and DMCA

The website Droid Ghost takes into account the importance of the privacy of our visitors, making it clear here how all information and data eventually received are used.

We acknowledge and guarantee that under no circumstances will any type of data sent to us be disclosed, whether by form, email, or any other means.

Two Cookies

Websites receive Cookies and Web Beacons when the user accesses the pages, data that are installed automatically and originate from the servers that host all content and also from third-party servers that operate this website.

The website Droid Ghost operates on the platform WordPress.org and displays third-party advertising that may also receive data when the click is evident, making the website in question responsible for the privacy of your data, and you are responsible for searching for it.

of the Records

As with Cookies and Web beacons, we also receive IP address logs, and your ISP depending on the provider used.

This data is generally used only as “statistical data” based on location, date, and number of visits and/or views received from a given ip/isp.

Such records may also be used by the advertising database displayed here for the dissipation of interest-based advertisements such as Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Criteo

You have the right not to provide your data

You as a visitor and a natural or legal person have control of your own privacy, being able at any time to use the functions of your own browser to “browse anonymously”. However, you should be aware that some services on this and other sites may not work properly due to the concealment of this data, such as login systems, forms, display of irrelevant ads to your liking, among others.

You also have the right to contact us so that your data submitted through forms can be changed or deleted from our databases, as is the case with news feeds sent by e-mails.

And just like cookies and web beacons, these data will not be sold, donated or published to individuals or legal entities.


This site does not host any links to applications, games or the like, we only aggregate the links coming from third party servers, any claim to be made must be dealt with directly with these, who provide and host these links.